About Zeitgut

"We look after each other."

In several communities and parishes in Luzern, Switzerland, Zeitgut establishes groups of neighbours that provide help to each other. The help does not include professional care but assistance and accompaniment: for example taking the dog out for a walk or plant the balcony. Everyone can participate. When you give your time to someone this amount of time will be added to your account, so whenever you are in need of help you will get it for free.

About the Project

Biltema Foundation supports a new project set up by Zeitgut. The association got more and more requests from families with children who are normally well organized but get into trouble when their kids are sick and cannot attend day-care. In this case a person familiar and known to the family is required to take care of the children. The challenges of this pilot project are to find two neighbours for each family in case one of them is absent and further to make sure they live close to the family.

To achieve this goal an expert from Zeitgut will have to cover several parishes of the city to inform and coach neighbours. Families and care takers will then come together to get to know each other and establish a good relationship. Thereafter an agreement will be signed by both parties. All care takers will be rewarded with time added to their account so they will be able to receive help whenever they need it.

More Information

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